Flawless Enters New Era of Online Revolution with Digital Efforts

October 19, 2012, just a month before Flawless celebrates its 11th anniversary, the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services, Flawless, marks several milestones as it formally launches its new digital face and voice. Media and Bloggers were invited to be part of this event. Located at the 11th floor of One Corporate Center in Ortigas, Pasig City, we were graciously toured around its facilities.

Flawless’ Headquarters here looks really like the ones in the malls. A reception area in where their products are elegantly being showcased, those pink beds for facials and private rooms for those who’s having their waxing treatments. This is the training center of their employees. For 90 days, they train here with the guidance of the Flawless Doctors.

Mr. Drew Mendoza, Business Manager of Flawless, warmly welcomed us to their office, showed us their work space and their meeting space. So cool! 🙂

And then, after the tour, we had a very good discussion with the Executives of Flawless about the innovations and changes that they have taken into action to provide better service to their Clients.

TV Personality Enzo Pineda was also there with us. 🙂

Flaunt is the digital publication which is intended to be Flawless’ signature online editorial habitat. An online magazine, in short. Ultimate goal of Flaunt is to  better get their message across an array of audiences – making beauty accessible to everyone. From beauty tips courtesy of Flawless’ acclaimed roster of Skin Professionals to stories of human interest, the publication aims to improve the quality of life people have by giving them the tools they need to achieve the most beautiful expression of themselves.

New design of Flawless Website.

Adding more value to its revamped look, the new website serves as a goldmine of information for beauty and wellness aficionados. It hosts Flawless’ full line of first-rate products and services including its revolutionary four-way slimming and body sculpting program, Shape & Sculpt. A separate section is dedicated to highlighting the brand’s franchise program. The website design, navigation and sections were mapped out to reflect the mindset of someone looking for information on a certain product or service and ready to make a purchase decision. We want to make it easy and convenient for our patients to look for what they want may it be product information, how a particular service is done, nearest clinic location, inquire about franchising or simply to book an appointment with the clinic.

Another main highlight of the new design is the e-commerce. This was borne out of a number of requests from Filipinos abroad to make our products available for shipping to other countries. I’m personally very proud of this feature because it takes us one step closer to realizing this.

A New Voice. Known for introducing ground-breaking aesthetic concepts to Filipinos, Flawless makes another first as it revamps the brand’s communication tone in an effort to “speak the language” of its market.

Veering away from the usual corporate-sounding tone that most companies use, Flawless, as seen in their Twitter and Facebook accounts, now uses a more humble and personal voice to interact with their audience. More than anything, it’s able to break this long-standing connotation people have that we are a high-end brand. This is something that’s never been done here in the country and something we really want to encourage others to do. Depending on the nature of the product and service you’re offering, you can customize a tone that fits your brand. Just remember to still keep it professional.

It was truly a very good experience. I loved how Flawless continues to innovate and is very willing to provide whatever they think that’s best and mostly needed by everybody. No doubt that Flawless is the leading aesthetic beauty clinic for face, body and medical services.

Flawless Face and Body Clinic is clearly the no. 1 in its industry, thanks to its promise of delivering medically sound beautification services and products to the Filipino people.

Flawless Website | Facebook Fan Page | Twitter

Thank you, Orange TV Magazine for inviting me to this event. More power! 


18 thoughts on “Flawless Enters New Era of Online Revolution with Digital Efforts

  1. Tess Chancellor says:

    I want to be flawless to but unluckily I don’t have that kind of skin. Today ,having a flawless skin it not a problem anymore, if you have money to spend just go to Flawless beauty Clinic to make it happen.How I wish ,i’m one of their trainee there. I can imagine myself assisting the doctors or work there as one of the beauty staff.


  2. papaleng says:

    Ibang level na talaga ang Flawless. Not surprised at all, since many desired to have a flawless skin. Baka 10 years from now mawala na ang ‘morena’ beauty.


  3. rachel says:

    I heard from a friend that flawless has really great effect in maintaining a good skin especially in treating acne


  4. Alwin says:

    I had my facial at Flawless done once and I’m satisfied with it. The only misgivings is that all treatment beds are lined up side by side, as if you’re in a hospital. It lacks the privacy that I wanted


  5. marrimye says:

    Having a flawless body is very expensive to some who are already addicted to maintaining and aiming for perfection. Natural beauty is needless to say inexpensive. Yet when we grow older and started to see wrinkles and blemishes… this is the time to consult the professionals and FLAWLESS, is the answer with their new and innovative changes will take everyone to a whole new world of experience.


  6. Mommy Pehpot (@pehpot) says:

    good for them to engage their patrons in a more humble and personal manner through their social media account 🙂 it will really help them to reach out to more costumers as well as help their costumers know more about their products.


  7. Joniel says:

    Nice new website design and glad to hear that they are using technology(social medias) to interact with their audiences and share informations to the people.


  8. Adeline Yuboco says:

    “Flawless Face and Body Clinic is clearly the no. 1 in its industry”

    Hmmm…I’m not really sure that I agree with this. No offense, but my vote still remains with Belo.


  9. Deann says:

    I didn’t know that they had a website! Last 2009 when I first visited their branch on SM North Edsa because of my mother in law, she had this injectable thing for her pimples on the face.
    I wanna try their Eyelash Perm ever since because I had a very thin eyelashes. Thank you for your post I’m gonna visit their site! 😀


  10. Rizza Javier says:

    I haven’t tried Flawless, yet. I used to always go to Let’s Face It. Ok din namn ang service nila. Pero I’ve heard a lot of good things on Flawless. Masubukan nga rin…


  11. claire says:

    Since a lot of people are going gaga about making themselves beautiful no matter how much it cost them. Well, I would agree that wanting to be beautiful is not bad as long as it will not harm you.


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