Katsu Cafe in Katipunan Quezon City

The discovery of Katsu Cafe in Katipuan was all accidental. It was just because me and my friend were literally starving and we didn’t noticed that it was already way passed lunch time because of heavy traffic. So, instead of heading to the salon in where my friend got a schedule for a hair treatment, we went ahead and look for a place to eat. Luckily, just beside the building in where the salon is located, there’s this tiny, good looking place…

Katsu Cafe just opened a day before we were there. The place is relatively small – about 5 tables only and a very unique display of beverages on the wall. When we got there, the place is full of customers and one of their staff immediate approached us, apologized that we have to wait to be seated and then gave us chairs. So nice!

I love how the owners of Katsu Cafe used wood in the interiors. It created a very homey ambiance. And since the place is small, that idea of having the beverages displayed on the wall is just genius. 🙂

When we got our table, we were handed their menu. Its looks really nice since it’s still new and I think, they used a picture paper.

We were surprised that the menu are so affordable. They also got several choices, from Katsuretso Sets, Donburi, Curry Rice, Ala Carte, Fresh Coffee, Beer, Iced Tea and Soda. I think, this is already perfect for a simple lunch or dinner or for a group of friends on budget.

Too bad, we weren’t able to taste the other dishes in the menu as we won’t be able to finish them anyway. I wanted to try their fresh coffee and the curry rice. Haha! 🙂

While we were waiting for our orders, I just can’t stop taking pictures. The place is that nice!

And shortly after, the staff started placing the plates on our table. Here’s what we ordered:

Tonkatsu and Torikatsu Sets. Pork and Chicken cutlets buttered with their special Japanese breading and deep-fried to perfection. Paired with tonkatsu sauce. A bowl of miso soup and is also part of the set.

And take note: Unlimited Rice!

Tonkatsu Set | Php 195.00 | Rating: 5 out of 5

Katsu Set | Php 195.00 | Rating: 5 out of 5

Then we also ordered one of their dishes ala carte — Gyoza. I’m a die-hard gyoza fan and I just could not let that chance to have gyoza again and try them in this new place.

Gyoza (5 pcs) | Php 120.00 | Rating: 5 out of 5

We love our experience here. The food were really good. And before I forget, that salad in our katsu sets is just awesome. The sweetness and sourness just complimented each other.

I will definitely go back, soon!

  • Katsu Cafe Facebook Page
  • Email: katsucafe.ph@gmail.com
  • Location: 329i Katipunan Ave., cor B. Gonzales, Loyola Heights, 1108 Quezon City, Philippines (street beside Rustan’s)
  • Hours: Mondays – Sundays | 11am to 10pm
  • Parking: Yes
  • Payment Option: Cash only


12 thoughts on “Katsu Cafe in Katipunan Quezon City

  1. rachel says:

    this looks good. when it comes with japanese foods i just eat at rai rai ken because i was careful with the strong flavor of japanese foods. but i guess their products look good 😀


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