Villar Foundation Invites Us To The 2nd OFW & Family Summit 2012

The Villar Foundation in partnership with Let’s Negosyo invites you to The 2nd OFW and Family Summit 2012 on Thursday, November 22, 2012 in World Trade Center

Registration starts at 7:00am. Exhibit is open until 4:00pm.

To register, click here:


Some pointers before you register, please be ready with soft/scanned copy of the valid passport of the OFW and any of the following documents:

  • Remittance Slip
  • OWA/POEA Registration
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Allotment Certificate or Employment Contract

If attending in behalf of an OFW, please submit birth certificate (for child of OFW) or marriage certificate (for spouse of OFW). Your registration will not be accepted unless the foregoing document requirements are attached.

For inquiries and concerns, please contact: 02-584-1903.

Villar Foundation Website | Mrs. Cynthia Villar Facebook Page | Twitter 


25 thoughts on “Villar Foundation Invites Us To The 2nd OFW & Family Summit 2012

  1. tumandok says:

    This is a worthwhile summit for the OFWs and it is the 2nd conference so far. I’m hoping that the 1st problems will be appropriately addressed and solutions are already implemented. Kudos to the organizer of this summit.


  2. Jerwel Adrian says:

    I wish this could really help the OFWs. I mean, with different foundations that they say that they help but has false promises in back story without any total transparency, what can we say? Mahirap magsalita ng tapos or patapos.


  3. WAHM Blog says:

    Great to know that the Villar Foundation have projects like this for our OFWs and their families, especially now that they are getting hit by the dropping exchange rates.


  4. Tess Chancellor says:

    Villar Foundation is really serious in promoting their project. I hope they make a difference when it comes to helping hte OFW’S . Can we get them as sponsor sa FBW BLOGGERS NIGHT?. ahaha.


  5. Jerome Ibuyan says:

    This is what I like the Villar family, they’re strong advocate of financial education, this time for the OFW’s with their families. Even they’re one of the wealthiest family in the Philippines, they’re still visible on helping our country.


  6. ruben abilgos says:

    sana matulungan ako villar foundation magkaroon maliit negosyo,ilan taon ako nag saudi,napeke ng illegal recruiter,nagtrabaho wala sweldo,ngayon d2 nako pilipinas..sana matulungan ako mam villar foundation,salamat po sa inyo.god bless you..


  7. Alfredo A. Alansalon says:

    natapos ang apat na taon kong kontrata kasama ang 2 years extension na walang ipon dahil sa liit ng sahod kaya hiniling ko sa villar foundation na sana ako ay matulungan na magkaroon ng kaunting negosyo.


  8. flor says:

    I am a wife of ofw .. my husband is planning to stay in the Philippines for good.. but cant start a business..maybe Mr. Villar can guide ..


  9. bulgen gallentes says:

    pwede ba akong sumali kasi 6 years ako nag work sa taiwan but now d2 na sa pians wala work. just call my number 09194547433


  10. Rev, Fr. Jitchel Villar says:

    Dear Tita Cynthia Villar,

    I am Rev. Fr. Jitchel D. Villar, a Priest of the Diocese of Bacolod, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.
    I grew up in a good family; however, ten years after my father became so irresponsible and left us.
    I grew up with Rev. Fr. Gratian Murray (An American Priest, who died in the year 2000) for 15 years.
    In him I learned the beauty and radiance of one’s life.
    That even you are abandoned by your parents still there is somebody who would like to offer one’s life for the sake of love.
    After my high school, I entered seminary and there I learned more about the love of Christ and the love of neighbour.
    I am 39 years old and 8 years in the ministry of priesthood.
    The calling is so strong that one can’t deny such Charism.
    When I was still a theologian, with the help of a generous lady,
    I used to help 5 seminarians and three of them years from now – will be graduating and ordained in the priesthood.
    My first assignment was in Brgy. Ma-ao, Bago City, there I gathered 13 seminarians.
    After one year, I was transferred to Silay City, then 3 years after transferred to Brgy. Aranda.
    And just recently I am assigned in Brgy. Alangilan. Again and again there are 22 seminarians added to my care.
    I have the total of 35 seminarians presently in 5 different seminaries.
    And there is one thing common with us. We are very poor all abandoned by our parents.
    But this year I and the 17 Brothers decided to open A CONSOLER BROTHERHOOD COMMUNITY – which mission speaks of holiness.
    As a poor priest, I can’t all sustain their needs. With my new assignment, I am always deficit with our daily sustenance in the parish.
    Thus I am praying to God that he will bless us with generous and holy people like you who will continue his mission through the brothers.
    And these are their expenses every month:
    Board & Lodging – 2,500 pesos (every month)
    Tuition Fees – 10,000 (one semester)
    Plus personal needs…
    I even surprised with this task given by God to me at an early age.
    Thus, a few coins coming from your pocket would already be a great help for the seminarians and the Brothers..
    I can’t imagine how happy our Lord seeing these abandoned brothers to become holy priests and citizens someday!
    Nevertheless, with your help, nothing is impossible.
    If you have any donations,
    send it to Philippine National Bank, Bacolod Branch
    Account name: Jitchel D. Villar
    Savings account number: 305-588359-8
    Cell # 09216867148
    My Address:
    Rev. Fr. Jitchel D. Villar
    Resident priest,
    San Sabastian Cathedral, Bacolod City.

    The Consoler Brotherhood Community
    Cinco de nobyembre street, Silay City.

    Please Tita Cynthia visit our community and see it for yourself.

    Praying for you always,

    Rev. Fr. Jitchel D. Villar


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