Breaking Dawn Part 2 Advance Screening at Gateway Cineplex in Araneta Center Cubao

I don’t usually go to movie advance screenings. It’s because I don’t like long lines and jam-packed cinemas. However, Breaking Dawn is an exception to the rule. Haha! When I got the invites from another blogger friend, I just grabbed the opportunity, finished my job as early as I can and headed immediately to Gateway Mall, Araneta Center Cubao. I was super excited and really all smiles. 🙂

When I arrived, the lobby was packed and there was already a long line of those who were equally excited as me. Everybody’s really excited, some already bought food while waiting. After almost waiting for 30mins, I found myself inside the cinema. Different ages. Different people. Groups of friends, officemates, classmates, couples, name it.

Mellow 94.7 DJs Kyle and Ingrid were also there to grace the event and hosted some games that really added to the excitement of the movie goers.

And when the lights went off, I was excited to see Bella as the vampire. Haha! I stopped munching on my popcorn and set my eyes on the screen. As the movie continues, the story full of romance and action. And I was a bit surprised that it has also several comedy scenes. Haha! It’s great to see that the cast were kinda laid-back and not so stiff on their characters anymore. Its like seeing the human side of the vampires and the wolves.

It was also nice to see Bella enjoying her life as a vampire, as a wife and as a mother to Renesmee. Her friendship with Jake remains while Jake’s also concerned to kid. 🙂

The Cullen Family also showed a strong family bond.

The reaction of the audience was priceless. Everybody enjoyed the jokes, smiles and seeing the human side of the vampires. Applause were everywhere. The twists and turns of the movie were really good and surprised us.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a must-see movie. I love it and I am definitely seeing it again this week and next week. Do I need to say more? I’m rating this 10 out of 10. Two thumbs up!


Thank you, Araneta Center for your generosity and letting me see this awesome movie.


4 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn Part 2 Advance Screening at Gateway Cineplex in Araneta Center Cubao

  1. Hazel Mae says:

    You’d watch it again and again? (grin) Well, I’m also tempted to do just that but for now once is enough. I watched it Friday afternoon last week. And I will watch it again surely but on DVD.


  2. che says:

    I would also love to watch it on the big screen. unfortunately I still have to travel to Stuttgart just to see it. there’s no cinema here in our city that has english subtitles.


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