Glamping a.k.a Glamorous Camping and Celebration of Love and Wellness with Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay

Glamping is short for Glamorous Glamping. And when I was introduced to this a few months ago, I was bit hesitant. I’m really not the type of being really adventurous in terms of being outdoors. But Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay changed my perspective in glamping. Nurture Spa Village provides an extravagant experience for their clients the splendor of the great outdoors and still enjoying the usual comforts that they cannot live without.

Nurture Spa Village is one of the best and famous place providing wellness and better quality of life. While having their clients experience pampering and romantic journey for them, it also offers to enjoy and explore a healthy yet joyful lifestyle.

DAY 1: 

Just recently, we were very lucky to experience the overnight love and wellness from Nurture Spa Village which started with Glamping.

We were warmly welcomed by their staff and Ms. Cathy Turvill, who is a Human Resource Professional and an internationally licensed therapist. She is also the Founding President of the Spa Association of the Philippines.

The Glamping Site:

And even before reaching the area in where the tents are, the beautiful greens all over Nurture Spa Village will welcome their clients. Breath of fresh air, sounds from birds and frogs, the swaying of the plants and trees as if they are welcoming us. It was such a peaceful entrance which added to our excitement.

The swimming pool is one of the facilities free for the clients who would like to enjoy the water while feeling the greens all around.

Team building activities were also perfect with its large garden. There’s also a Labyrinth which provides a natural backdrop for outdoor adventure activities.

Now here comes the glamping part, when we reached the area in where the tents are, we were really surprised. There are tents which is huge enough to accommodate 5-6 persons inside. That’s, wow! Perfect for families and barkadas. And of course there are also tents just for couples. 🙂

The Hilot Massage:

After our sumptuous and healthy lunch (which I will posting separately), we got to experience their Hilot Massage. This is a full body massage which aims to relieve our tired and aching body using the alaga massage oil — a blend of rosemary, ginger and peppermint essential oils — to ease body discomfort.

We were then assisted to their massage houses and had our feet cleansed and scrubbed first before we were asked to lay down and be ready for the massage. Tell you, it was the most relaxing body massage I’ve ever experience. I felt like 1hr is not enough and I wanted more. Haha!

My friend and I really enjoyed our body massage. The staff assigned to us were so accommodating and friendly that we got to the point that we are already sharing personal experience with each other.

The Wellness Talk:

And what a good way to continue our relaxing body massage? A Wellness Talk. Ms. Cathy was kind enough to spare us some of her time and share with us her knowledge on wellness.

With C.H.O.I.C.E.S., one can create themselves a lifestyle that will slow down their aging process, keep them pumped up with vital energy well into their “old age” and make them more resistant to the debilitating diseases that seem to come naturally with getting older.

I learned so many things about wellness with our talk with Ms. Cathy. I realized that natural anti-aging is not a quick fix. It is a process that starts with a decision, moves forward with commitment and hopefully, eventually becomes a lifestyle. 🙂

The Organic Farm Tour:

We were also brought to see their organic farm in where veggies being served to their customers are coming from. It was really nice to see how fresh they were.

The Healthy Cooking Preparation:

After the talk, Ms. Kathy and Nurture Spa’s Head Chef prepared a fun activity for all of us. It was the Healthy Cooking Preparation. There we were introduced to easy way of preparing healthy foods.

Ripe mangoes, malunggay leaves, saluyot, wheat grass, kale leaves with different spices were waiting for us. Haha! I was telling myself, “gosh! do I need to eat these?!”

Kale Leaves Being Cleansed by Ionization

After a few mixes and grinding done, we got to taste them. OMG! I was so scared. I’ve never eaten raw veggies!! But to cut the story short, amazingly, I liked all of them. Haha! Glory to God!! In my entire 32 years of existence, Nurture Spa Village is the only one who had me eat raw veggies. How’s that? Huh?!

Squash Noodles

Saluyot and Honey

Wheat Grass and Honey

Malunggay and Mango

These were just some of the healthy food that we got to experience. There were still several that was prepared for us, but I wasn’t able to take photos of them. We loved all of them. And what’s really amazing and fun with these healthy foods, we didn’t feel full at all.

The Barbecue, Bonfire and Dinner:

Dinner was one of the things I was also excited about. Because we get to have a bonfire and barbecue galore. 🙂 It was the time that we really get to rest, enjoy each other’s company and absorb all that’s Nurture Spa was giving to us.

So that wraps up our first day in Nurture Spa Village. Day 1 is full of surprises, honestly. First time to try glamping and it was an awesome experience. My wellness journey starts on this day. 🙂

DAY 2: 

I still have the hangups of fun from our 1st day of glamping. We even took the plunge in the swimming pool last night. It was a bit gloomy and rainy when we all woke up. After preparing ourselves for another exciting day, we found ourselves ready for breakfast.

Qi Gong Exercises and Exercise Circuit:

Qi Gong exercises — we call it also breathing and stretching exercises. With our instructor Ms. Hanna (from Germany). Qi Gong is literally “Life Energy Cultivation” is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation. The gloomy weather, moist grass on our feet and of course, the fresh air helped a lot. It was a new and nice experience for all of us.

With our instructor, Ms. Hanna

After we had lunch, we were with Ms. Cathy again for some laughing exercises. 🙂

The Laughter Yoga:

Our experience with laughter yoga was awesome. It was really fun. Initially, Ms. Cathy asked us to think about the people who really annoys us and laugh about it. We laugh and laugh and laugh to our hearts out. It employs a perfect blend of playful, empowering and otherwise tension-releasing simple laughter exercises, interspersed with gentle breathing, warm up and stretching exercises, rhythmic clapping and chanting in unison. These exercises are done as a way to improve health, increase well-being, and promote peace in the world through personal transformation. In Laughter Yoga — laughter is a tool, not an emotion.

The Pineapple and Pepper Farm Tour:

We had another farm tour. This time, it is outside the Nurture Spa Village. There, we were accompanied by of their staff and was introduced to a huge farm which has pineapples, coffee, pepper, banana, ginger and many more. Good thing, the sun was up already.

The farm experience was overwhelming but we surely enjoyed it. This only showed how rich Tagaytay is when it comes to its own crops.

The Organic Facial Spa:

And last for our activities, we wrapped up our 2nd day in Nurture Spa Village by having their organic facial spa. A treatment that is both hydrating and invigorating to the skin. Ideal for Manila’s polluted air or for those who spend a lot of time in air-conditioning. Ideal after a long flight to smooth the skin’s surface and improve facial contours.

With so much gladness, we were sad to leave the place. I personally felt that I was renewed with the love and wellness that Nurture Spa Village introduced to us. From their unique accommodations, spa facilities, state-of-the-art wellness facilities, relaxing and huge garden area, with their function rooms and their restaurant. All these offers a romantic journey to a healthy yet joyful lifestyle in addition to Nurture Spa’s tried and tested spa treatments.

Thank you, Nurture Spa Village for the wonderful and healthy experience. Thank you for letting me appreciate the raw veggies and healthy living more. Thank you, Ms. Cathy Turvill for your kindness and sharing your time with us. Thank you, Ms. Hanna for letting us experience an enjoyable exercises which I will be bringing home with me. 

I will definitely visit again, soon! 🙂


About Nurture Spa Village

One of the pioneers in the Philippine spa industry, Nurture Spa (now renamed Nurture Village) Tagaytay is a Department of Tourism accredited destination spa established in 2002. Nurture Spa Viillage was recently named one of the 28 Most Relaxing Spas in Asia by CNN Go (June 2010) and one of the Top Seven Spas of the Philippines by Asia Spa Magazine (May-June 2010 issue) a Hongkong based luxury magazine.

Address: Pulong Sagingan, Brgy. Maitim II West, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Contact #s: +632-270-9786 | +632-401-9030 | +6346-544-1070
Email Add:

Directions: From Tagaytay Rotondo straight ahead going to Batangas. Your landmark is a group of restaurants (Starbucks, Leslie’s Dencio’s and Carlos Pizza), right across is Magallanes Square (where 711 and Globe Telecom is), turn right and follow the signs leading to Nurture Spa.

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34 thoughts on “Glamping a.k.a Glamorous Camping and Celebration of Love and Wellness with Nurture Spa Village Tagaytay

  1. janesehalabasokikay says:

    That was a holistic journey that you had there. Experiences as such makes us stop and be one with Nature and realize that life does not always exist in the fast lane. Continue to nurture those experience and reap the benefits of it.


  2. ChattyPinay says:

    Wonderful post, thank you for breaking it down for us. I like the place, its looks very calming! I am particularly interested in the juicing, I would love to try the malunggay and mango juice. The laughter yoga also intrigued me! I am planning on visiting the Philippines next year (hopefully) and I have added this place in my places to visit. Thanks for the great info!


  3. vivallester says:

    wow the place looks so relaxing! I love going to spas, I have a favorite one nearby and I love the ambiance. I have not been to Tagaytay for a long time but would love to check this place out. 😉


  4. Tess Torrecampo (@Blogandme) says:

    Squash noodle, gusto ko yan, yummy and the hilot massage.We have suki in our place.My sisters always brings me there whenever i am home .And the Tagaytay, last time I was there was 12 years ago, the placed changed a lot with the spa’s and other businesses.


  5. Michelle says:

    Now this is honestly just what I need. It’s complete! Only yesterday, I was craving for a whole body massage. Hopefully, I can afford their services. Another good thing is it’s in Tagaytay, quite near Manila 😀
    Glamping is such a cute wordplay 🙂


  6. papaleng says:

    A so-detailed info of your daily activities. Parang gusto ko na rin magpunta riyan. Seems a great place to spend a night or two with my wifey. I love to try yung Saluyot and honey. Ano kaya lasa nyun?


  7. naizingi says:

    I think this is a fun activity that can be enjoyed both families and friends! I hope glamping will be a trend here in Davao..


  8. Vix Parungao says:

    i wish i can participate in a glamping soon. it has been eons ago since i went to the spa + my body sure could use some pampering + massage. i’d love to try those tasty + healthy treats, too!

    i don’t believe you mentioned how much a package cost, i just hope it is affordable enough for a stay-at-home-mum like me! 🙂


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