Food Technology: On Flavour, Colour and Fragrance

When it is time for me to do my weekly grocery shopping, I prefer food products that are tasty, healthy and of course, convenient. Convenient in terms of ensuring consistency of the appearance, taste and most importantly, the flavors of what I am spending my money with.

And I am very particular the flavors and how long they would last. 🙂

It’s really amazing that food processing technologies is really making its way to be known and to be appreciated more. Just as most supermarket brands want to maintain an illusion that their food and drinks are made in homely kitchens, they also do not want their customers to know that the crucial aspects of their products – the flavour, colour and fragrance – are outsourced to laboratories. And because of this, there are more and more specialist manufacturers of controlled release flavourings and ingredients.

One of these technologies is what they call ‘encapsulation’. Food flavouring is I think, a very good example that is directly using encapsulation. Whenever, I got extra budget, I usually buy more than what my family need. What I love about encapsulation is it enhances flavour and nutritional value even after being stored for months. 🙂 Shelf life is important!

Thanks to manufacturers which get their specialists’ expertise to the top. I actually grateful to them. No more issues on food processing and manufacturing for customers around the world.


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