9th MegaBalikbayan OFW Expo Promises Better Business Opportunities and Investment

The 9th MegaBalikbayan OFW Expo continues to change lives by changing mindsets of Balikbayan and OFWs on the importance of entrepreneurship, and wise and legal investments.

Slated this December 7-9, 2012 has evolve into an event not only for Balikbayans and OFWs but for the common tao who wanted to take advantage of their Christmas bonuses and savings  in investing for a business that they can run for the coming year.

Seven years of matching Balikbayan and OFWs to local and international business opportunities and investments. Having more than 250 plus exhibitors, and a lot of business activities and seminars this year. Helping Micro,Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) by leaps and bounds. This time, we want you to join us as partner, exhibitor or attendee.

Last Friday, December 7, 2012, OBRA (OFW and Balikbayan Reputation Award) was held in the expo and I was lucky to witness this event and even meet some of the guests. 🙂

I was actually surprised that there’s an award for an OFW Blogger. Being a blogger myself, I felt really proud. Though she was not able to attend the event as she is in Saudi Arabia, she has this video recording in where she shared to us her experiences and how she really started on blogging. She is Ms. Eulalia Frances L. Jayme

2012 Outstanding OFW Blogger : Ms. Eulalia Frances L. Jayme

2012 Outstanding OFW Blogger : Ms. Eulalia Frances L. Jayme

And here are the other awardees too together with Mr. Orly Ballesteros — the head of ExLinkEvents.

Last year more than 7,000 quality visitors attended the event. For more details call tel.no.643.3887.


10 thoughts on “9th MegaBalikbayan OFW Expo Promises Better Business Opportunities and Investment

  1. Nice.. OFW Blogger Award.. Dapat lang na they give importance to bloggers in and out of the PH. Congrats to the winners. Looks like a very nice event. 🙂


  2. I’ve heard in the news about OFW Balikbayans who will pursue business here in our country and I’m glad that somehow, when they return to their hometown, they can have a job that might fit for their work and the expo proved that even in their home country, they can start to have business and work to generate their own income.


  3. good job! our OFWs really need as much support that they can get to take better opportunities. kudos to this exposition and the organizer for all the effort, including the part where bloggers are recognized. cool!


  4. What an amazing event for our heroes. I came from an OFW family as well and I must say we have improved leaps and bounds in supporting our fellow OFWs compared a decade before. This only means that as a community we are improving.


  5. Great op for balikbayan OFWs! Entrepreneurship is truly the answer to our needs!!! I love that they recognize bloggers too!!!


  6. Events like these empower our OFW side of the coin in this country. It is good that they are given the opportunity to serve back. Indeed, they are one of the strong backbones of our economy since years immemorial.


  7. OFWs would be very much happy for events like this. Sadly, I never had a chance to attend any business related events. Ugh, I should expose my self more into business.


  8. Congrats to Sir Orly and his team for another successful event. I really wish I can attend events like this, too. Looks like there’s a lot of things to be learned from other people’s experiences especially the balikbayans. Congratulations to all awardees. 🙂


  9. It’s good that there are opportunities for balikbayan Filipinos to have events like these organized. They’ve worked their butts off and coming back as entrepreneurs, giving themselves a better future, is only much-deserved.


  10. This kind of event will open avenues for business opportunities and possible investments that OFWs and their families may take advantage of.


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