Casa Roces: A Fine, Magical and Elegant Journey to the Past

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by a friend to visit and try this “famous” restaurant called Casa Roces. I’ve been hearing about this place in Malacanang. Some said it’s an old Legarda house. I was a bit excited and honestly, it was also a bit of a dream come true to be invited and be able to try to pig out there.

Well, it was a pleasant feeling to personally see this house within Malacanang neighborhood. This one has a view of the palace gates. It is literally across the street from the palace. Casa Roces is a house which was converted into a restaurant and cafe. And it’s amazing that despite of the conversion and renovation, the integrity of the structure was respected which gives the place all the comforts of contemporary living.

The cafe is named Cape Chino which was after Don Chino Roces. The whole house was full of reminders of the family’s heritage — prints of La Vanguardia and the old manila Times newspapers, photos and memorabilia from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

It was also an honor for me to meet Ms. Peachy Prieto who is one of the owners and runs the business. She was so nice and very accommodating. Even more when I told her that I am one a blogger. She told me the story of the house. She also told me that the Prietos, Legardas and Roceses are all related. And Ms. Peachy also pointed that Casa Roces is not a mansion. That this was just a regular house built-in Commonwealth style. I thought it was gorgeous.

The restaurant is run and managed by the Cravings Group. I honestly enjoyed the group of Bloggers and Foodies that I was with which add up to fun and enjoyable meals that was served to us.

The cafe reception is actually an extension from the original structure. It also opens up to a cozy outdoor bar with some stone tables. Several family memorabilia are also being displayed. I love how un-stuffy the antiques look. The chic and contemporary shelves painted in sunny yellow were just awesome.

Everything here is original. I love long curtains that drape and gather over the floor. It’s the way to do drapes. I also love the light that comes through in the stairwell. The upper floor has private function rooms.

Original machuca tiles. This was one of my favourite rooms.

Original machuca tiles. This was one of my favorite rooms.

Really nice to see old furniture being given new life. Yay!

Our visit in Casa Roces was very inspiring. I wish to see more re-use of old homes and buildings for more awesome and fab places like Casa Roces.

I am creating a separate post for food that were served to us. 🙂 Full food review up next. But for now, let me just tell you the food was yummy and very affordable.

Casa Roces

  • Menu: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Location: 1153 JP Laurel cor Aguado St., San Miguel, Manila
  • Contact: (+63) 735-5896
  • Mode of Payments: Cash, Major Credits
  • Parking: Yes, Valet Parking

Website | Facebook | Twitter


29 thoughts on “Casa Roces: A Fine, Magical and Elegant Journey to the Past

  1. jsncruz says:

    Wow, I love restaurants like these! I appreciate it when an establishment is so much more than food and tries to give its patrons a historical and cultural adventure through the design and accents of the place.


  2. Weng says:

    I’m also a fan of old houses because of my great relationship with my grand parents and looking at the photos you shared here, I’m certain that Casa Roces is indeed a worthy place to visit and dine to.


  3. papaleng says:

    Mapalad na maituturing na isa rin ako sa mga piling tao na nakapag-dine sa Restong ito. Maraming alaala ng Dekada 70 ang muling sumagi sa aking isipan ng naroon ako sa Reception lounge.


  4. - Justin - says:

    I have seen that on a feature on tv.. it’s just amazing how they renovated the whole interior without affecting the original design.. it just showcases our ancestral house designs.. 🙂


  5. Mary Anne Velasco says:

    The reception area is awesome. I love the chic items on the wall.

    Good to know that you had fun with other bloggers. Will add this to my list of restaurants to visit when in the PHilippines. 🙂


  6. Francis Balgos says:

    As the name implies..
    Casa Roces means House of Roces.
    There are not many restos out there that was foundedwith historical value.
    So I have to agree that this was once in a lifetime chance.
    Commonwealth Houses” They’re gorgeous oppulent houses I’d say. 🙂


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