G.E.B. Super Club: Great Experience Begins in the Newest Party Club in Quezon City

G.E.B. Super Club, made its debut in Quezon City debut last 2012 at the heart of T. Morato area.

This super club’s true to its mantra Great Experience Begins in stylish surroundings with special emphasis on meeting new people and mingling. In G.E.B., the evenings starts with a drink, a good line up of music and bachelors and bachelorettes.

The G.E.B Super Club is hosted in a stylish apartment-like overlooking the heart of T. Morato area. The idea is to give people the chance to relax, meet new people and enjoy the night away in a VIP-homely atmosphere. Exciting and really nice, right? I mean, I think, everyone will enjoy here.

Last night was the VIP Invasion Exclusive Party with G.E.B and I was lucky and happy to be invited to be one of their VIPs. 🙂 All types of VIPs : models, photographers, models, bachelors, bachelorettes, name it. Music, laser lights, cocktails, it was super fun. A great experience! I’ve never been to a place like this for a long time already, so imagine how happy I am to be part of this event.  🙂 Not to mention the over-flowing cocktails for me and for my friends!

The friendly staff was also recognizable. They were happy to be of service and you can also see them enjoying the music. How’s that?!

We truly had fun and real great experience and yes, we will be back soon! 🙂

You wanna experience this too? Visit G.E.B Super Club on the 25th of January for the Unleashed Party. It’s very easy to be part of their guest list. For unlimited guest list/VIP/ Table Reservation text 0916-4475844. So, what are you waiting for?! Go get yourself the much-awaited timeout and great experience.

  • Location: 184 Tomas Morato Ave., QC! (Infront of Sushiya, beside Bliss).
  • Open every WED-SUN

G.E.B Facebook Page


19 thoughts on “G.E.B. Super Club: Great Experience Begins in the Newest Party Club in Quezon City

  1. I haven’t gone clubbing in a while, so I’ll definitely take note of G.E.B. should we need a place for partying 😉


  2. I can still feel the vibe up to now 🙂


  3. I’ve heard of this place and the great party experience it delivers..
    Certainly, something to look forward to on weekend payday. 😉


  4. I think I am too old for this one. But looking at your photos it seems the place is right for young professionals who need a place to unwind.


  5. Looks like the next party place to be in Quezon City especially for young urban professionals.


  6. I want to experience too, to bad can’t go there on the 25th


  7. I will surely visit this place when my sister come home, she loves hanging out in bars and resto. The place looks very alive.


  8. I don’t do clubbing anymore but this one is a great place. I hope it becomes one of the clubbing hot spot in the metro


  9. i miss clubbing aleady though the clubs are just walking distance from where our house is located now. lucky u got some nice photos inside! xx


  10. I love the setting and ambiance. Could they have branch in Cebu?


  11. This place is ideal for young professionals to meet new friends and associates.


  12. Maybe the ambiance and the food are all great for you but not to me because I don’t drink and I dislike going to party clubs. O;-)


  13. Nice place. Will ask a close friend to bring me there.. 🙂


  14. A must visit place for party people around QC. How I wish me and my wife can visit that place :). Party rock and party hard Ness! hehe.


  15. A nice place to have fun and dance the night away with dear friends 🙂


  16. looks like a fun place to be… a good place to unwind and enjoy with family or friends after the days work… Yahweh bless.


  17. how to go there from valenzuela


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