Union Bank Provides DepEd Free Learning System Copyright For Public Schools

Education Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC and Union Bank chair and chief executive officer Justo Ortiz have signed an agreement to produce learning tools in the teaching of literacy, English proficiency and values education for public school pupils.

The project is Union Bank Learning System which integrates the teaching of Literacy, English Proficiency and Values Education in Grade 2 English subject.

As stipulated in the agreement, DepEd will develop the Learner’s Material (LM) and Teacher’s Guide (TG) based on the K to 12 basic education curriculum standards and competencies.

UnionBank grants all the copyright materials to DepEd at no cost.

“We are thankful to Union Bank for the learning system that will enable us to integrate, adopt and use the LM and TG in the context of K to 12,” Luistro said.

“The LM is like a student’s work text which every pupil can study, answer and write on, and bring home as their own,” added Luistro.

Meanwhile, the Teachers Guide is reusable on a 1:1 ratio, for Grade 2 English teachers nationwide and appropriate printing of the TG for all teachers shall be made by DepEd.

Also present during the signing of the agreement are Union Bank executives Maria Gonzalez Goolsby, Executive Director, Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility and Ilene Ruivivar,   Manager, Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility. DepEd Undersecretaries Dr. Yolanda Quijano for Programs and Projects and Alberto Muyot for Legal attended the MOA signing, too.


9 thoughts on “Union Bank Provides DepEd Free Learning System Copyright For Public Schools

  1. rochkirstin santos says:

    What could be the reason why Union Bank pushed through with this? I mean, their business in the banking and finance industry has no relation with the education sector. If they are helping, would this imply easy promotion and marketing for their company?


  2. markjosephgct says:

    And this is a good way for educators to teach English in a newer method, not to mention values education and literacy.


  3. naizingi says:

    As an education student, this is indeed a good news for the public schools especially for the students to enhance their skills in English and learn more of Values Education. I hope more organizations will volunteer to help our education. Remember: Education is the key to success.


  4. jsncruz says:

    Cool to see my old boss here, Bro Armin 🙂 It’s even cooler to see how more and more institutions are supporting public education’s development in our country!


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