Super Duck Modern Tea Shop Unveils The Taste of Authentic Difference

I have not been into attending media and blogger events this past few weeks since I started being a corporate slave again. 🙂 I find it really hard with my schedule, however, when I got an invitation to be part of a grand opening of the best Taiwanese milk tea shop in Ortigas, Pasig City, I thought of just trying it out again since it’s going to be in the morning and won’t actually prevent me from reporting for work. Haha!

The grand opening of Super Duck Modern Tea Shop in Ortigas area is one of my blogger-media gig comeback. Located in AIC Bldg., Garnet Rd., cor ADB Ave., ’twas very easy to find – that’s the building right behind Robinson’s Galleria. 🙂

Superduck is a Taiwan-based tea shop and is reputed to have the best tea formula in Asia. It has also been featured in one of the well-known television network here in the Philippines. Aside from its quirky name, I love the vibrant colors that it is representing.


Even before the ribbon-cutting happened, the owners of Superduck warmly welcomed us and happily introduced us to the wide variety of teas that they have in their menu.

Here’s what they prepared for us:

You may hover your mouse on each photo to see its name. 🙂

Ceylon Black TeaJasmine Green TeaWenshan Clear TeaSignature or Plain TeaPeppermint TeaTie Guan Yin TeaAsparagus TeaRose Petal JuiceRoselle Plum  with Fig JellyMilk Tea with PearlsTaroPlum Green Tea

My favorites? Yes! Favorites! It’s the peppermint tea, rose petal juice, milk tea and the taro. 🙂

One thing that made Superduck unique is that their tea usually came directly from India and Sri Lanka, from all the way to Sanya mountain in Taiwan. Cool, right? Because they are really committed in bringing in the best and most authentic tea formulas in the Philippines.

Then we were served their finger foods. On this note, keeping their mantra on providing the authentic and healthy tea to the Filipinos, their finger foods are all made of veggies. Yes, veggies!

ShroomsAsian DumplingsV-NuggetsV-Chzdog n FriesTofu Bites

Me and my blogger friends fell in love with the shrooms and then the v-chizdog n fries. Well, all of them has a distinct taste that make them afar from those normal deep-fried stuff. Not sure how to describe it, but all I can say it, they were awesome!!

And then, they wouldn’t let us take home a tea of our choice at its normal size. Haha! The owners were so kind and generous. Are you ready? We got the Choco Nai Kai, Wintermelon Nai Kai, Citrus Green Tea and Peppermint Nai Kai.

Choco Nai KaiWintermelon Nai KaiCitrus Green TeaPeppermint Nai Kai

We also had the chance to choose which sinkers we would like to have on our drinks. They got coffee jelly, grass jelly and coco jelly.


Overall, we got a very good experience with Super Duck Modern Tea . I am in great appreciation that I was able to get that chance to experience an authentic Taiwan-based tea.

My Own Ratings:

Taste: :-):-):-):-) out of 5 smiles
Ambiance: :-):-):-) out of 5 smiles
Service: :-):-):-):-) out of 5 smiles
Price: :-):-):-):-) out of 5 smiles
Overall: :-):-):-):-)

So, go ahead and visit them so you’d be able to experience also how great it is to get an authentic healthy treat for yourself. Super Duck Modern Tea, offers the Freshest Tea you’ll ever find. We are using special fruit sugar, so you’re guaranteed with a HealthTea Experience.

Super Duck Modern Tea

Location: Unit 111 A and B, AIC BURGUNDY Empire Tower, Garnet st. corner ADB avenue, Ortigas, Pasig
Contact: TEL:02-570-2292 , Globe 0917-8910697, Sun 09337203188
Email Address:

Hours of Operations: Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sat: 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sun: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Mode of Payment: Cash only
Parking: Street

Website | Facebook Page | Twitter


10 thoughts on “Super Duck Modern Tea Shop Unveils The Taste of Authentic Difference

  1. markjosephgct says:

    I am not a big fan of Milk teas but this one is worth a try, the uniqueness and the authenticity of each Milk tea will surely give them an edge.


  2. boundfortwo says:

    I know I’m bias when it comes to Milk Tea’s but the tea’s offered in super duck are different from the usual. So I definitely try it if they have an outlet in KL.


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