Kid Boxer Keeps Hope Alive in Small Town Devastated by ‘Pablo’

“Nawala nga ang bahay at ang mga kagamitan namin noon, pero hindi ang pamilya ko at ang pagmamahal ko sa boxing,” says Dexter Louie Racoma, champion in the kids antweight category in this year’s Palarong Pambansa.

He has not stopped smiling since he won the gold, even with his home town still reeling from the damage wrought by the 2012 killer typhoon Pablo.


Dexter exhibits a passion for the sport and an ability to hone his skills and be bigger that his competition, even at such a young age.

“Na-eenjoy ko pong mag boxing. Gusto ko pong parang maging si Donaire pag laki ko,” he shares.

This is something the entire town recognizes and encourages – even the mayor has told him that boxing should be part of his priority as a student athlete.

“Sinuportahan po nila ako. Lalo na nung nalaman nila na isa ako sa mga pupunta sa Palarong Pambansa.”

Coach Edward Kagatin, who saw his potential as an amateur boxer, has continued his training despite the lack of a training facility.

“Kahit nasira yung lugar na pinag-ttrainan namin, tuloy pa rin kaming nakikipag-sparring.”

Dexter’s determination to win – backed by an ample amount of sweat, pain and tears, and the support of his town mates – paid off in the end as he emerged victorious.

Meanwhile, his family is still recovering from the disaster and has now rebuilt their home from scratch, driven by hope and pride once again flown in the flag of this calamity-stricken community. Waving that flag is a young boy with a love and passion for the sweet science.


9 thoughts on “Kid Boxer Keeps Hope Alive in Small Town Devastated by ‘Pablo’

  1. joy says:

    It really is nice to hear success stories like this – especially with the Palaro done in our hometown! We saw this kiddo win! Makes me proud that young people like him are favoring sports over destructive activities.


  2. Pao Tolentino says:

    It’s nice to know that even after suffering from a tragedy like Typhoon Pablo, this kid remained strong and motivated to further improve himself. Not a lot of people can rise after after a blow like Pablo but it just goes to show that even a kid like Dexter can do it. He is truly an inspiration to us all


  3. Tess Torrecampo (@Blogandme) says:

    He need this opportunity to compete in the Palarong Pambansa, not only for himself but for his family. Right now, education is not his priority but hopefully he can a;so finish college once he got the money. I wish him all the success in life.


  4. JP Suba says:

    Great kid! It’s good to know that there are kids who has high hopes at a very young age. I know he’ll do better when he grows up because of this optimism that he possess.


  5. Shirgie Scf says:

    talaga namang umulan at bumagyo, if you are determined and if you have the passion, you will get through it. This kid is very inspiring and I like his positive attitude


  6. jsncruz says:

    I boxed at Elorde for a year and a half, and most of the coaches are like these kids – they found something they were passionate about and they end up paying it forward by helping new practitioners fall in love with a sport 🙂


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