Apparently, I Am Still Alive!

Alive, still breathing, but hardly have the time to do all the posts people in my Facebook timeline are tagging me for. I think that’s a good thing. LOL. 🙂

I wish I could say I have been away basking in the golden sunlight of maldives, or rushing through with the locals at times square, thus the lack of posts. As always, my only excuse is that life is currently happening and the only free time I have is spent eating, cuddling with Aarold, and sleeping.

With the back and forth trips to the hospital and pedia, I hardly had the space to breathe. So happy that my baby is good and perfectly okay.

The reviews and articles demanding to be written are piling up and I had to decline some writing gigs because at the end of my 20-hour day, all I had wanted to do was curl up in bed and cry. I have honestly been that exhausted.

The last few months were shaping up nice and good though. I am getting at least 6hrs of sleep now because of baby’s longer sleep time at night. LOL. Secondly, I have been busy with my online shop. Haha!

I am telling myself one day at a time. One backlog at a time. I cannot tackle everything at once without going crazy. Aarold has been throwing tantrums left and right because his teeth are already coming out of the open and they’re making him grumpyy most of the time and it’s really driving me mad.

Soooo. Please all be patient and come back soon for my reviews? There’s this wonderful set of products I have been using for almost two months now and I will share this whole range of inexpensive yet effective beauty items this week!

Happy first day of the week!


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