GOO.N Diapers : Japan’s Premium Diapers Finally Here Now in Manila, PH

I would lug around a huge diaper bag whenever we go out with our little ones. My biggest woes were the number of diapers we must carry and the bulk they contribute to our bag.

That was until I got invited to a media launch of a certain Japanese premium diapers – GOO.N. I honestly didn’t have any idea about this as we are used to the known diaper brands here in the Philippines.

Photo 19-01-2018, 8 23 41 AMThe launch was held some months ago in BGC with quite a number of VIP and celebrity guests. The Sales and Marketing team of GOO.N were also there and talked about what makes it different from the other diapers here and convinced us that this is better to use with our little ones.

Photo 19-01-2018, 8 26 11 AM

Photo 19-01-2018, 8 27 06 AMThey mentioned that after intensive research on parental needs and consumer feedback, they made sure GOO.N diapers are easy to use, does not leak and most importantly, prevent diaper rash.

Photo 19-01-2018, 8 26 40 AMAfter the launch, the guests were given samples and I was quite excited to try it. It is very thin, very light and very absorbent.

Photo 19-01-2018, 8 27 59 AM

Photo 19-01-2018, 8 27 30 AM

My little one enjoyed using the GOO.N diaper. Aside from the cute Doraemon designs, its super smooth and not bulky and very comfortable. Given that my son is super kulit and likot. I loved seeing him feeling really comfortable with it. It’s like just wearing a normal underwear.

Though very comfortable, we never experienced any leaks.

It has wetness indicator as well, though my son would normally tell me that it’s time to change his diaper. Haha!

Yes! Say It, Nessie is recommending GOO.N diapers to all parents out there. Very affordable and truly live up to the things that we (parents) want for our children’ diapers.


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