Loving every minute of my married life. I’m a jolly person. I’m really fun to be with. I’m really your jeans and t-shirt kind of girl with wash and wear hair. I’d leave the house with wet hair. We can talk about everything.
I’m too mature for my age, so I go for mature guys. Ayoko ng lahat kailangan i-explain sa partner ko. Dapat I’m the baby. My partner should be tantrum-proof! I prefer men to find me attractive not after a minute of seeing me but after at least an hour of talking to me.
I’m not the girl who gets sucked into doing all night tequila shots when I have a presentations due the next day, but I certainly have fun. I have enough willpower to say no to self-destructive temptations but enough confidence and playfulness to let myself indulge. The secret of my sensibility… I trust my own judgement and know how to make a quick educated decision. I don’t have a lot of regrets because I tend to do what I want to do and avoid the things that may not be best for me in the long run.
Edited: January 13, 2012

Say It, Nessie is a Lifestyle Blog of an appetite that wants the best out of life. Happy and full of fun lifestyle! Food. Travel. Gadgets. Adventures. Hip Trends. Music and Movie. Fashion. Events. All happening in and out of the Philippines.

Eating is a continuous event but in the spaces in between, my time is spent fulfilling my corporate life, loving the people around me.

I am extremely workaholic. By that I mean I literally sleep in the office, work 14-18 hours per day, and even dream about work stuff while I sleep. But that doesn’t mean I am inept or very poor in managing my time. It’s just that there are people who are addicted to work and I’m definitely one of those.

I have lots of friends, but I don’t get the chance to hang out with them anymore.

I like drinking beer. I am the kind who gets really silly when drunk, but I still drink anyway.

I am often misunderstood. But I like that. That means people are trying to understand me and they just can’t. I think it’s a whole lot better than being given the cold shoulder.

I just realized: “Coffee is the best invention ever.”

Feel free to contact me via email at redappletable@yahoo.com

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  1. hi nessie… thanks for following my blog… i can see your a foodie too… and so I’m following you… salamat 🙂


    • Hi Gelai! Been readin your blog for quite sometime na din. Hehe. Thanks for visiting here. I post other events din sa food blog ko. but 95% food un, mga lamon moments. haha! Cheers! Malay mo magkita tyo sa mga events. Hehe


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  3. kewl blog and interesting topics too! 🙂


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