Make Kitchen Life Easier With Fujidenzo Microwave Ovens

My Dad loves to cook. But he cooks in conventional way. I mean, we only have a 2-burner gas stove that time along with the usual kitchenwares. Those modern cookwares like gas range, turbo broiler, oven toaster and microwave oven were not positively introduced to us by my parents. We were always told that food is more tasty and delicious if you just cook it the normal way. So, I remember, everytime my Dad cooks beef caldereta, it’ll take 2-3hrs to make sure that the beef is tender enough or else, it’ll be like a rubber tire. Haha! πŸ™‚Β 

However, when I started to be interested in cooking, I also started buying those kitchenwares that I am totally novice. My first buy was a microwave oven. Can’t remember the brand anymore but one thing with it is, I enjoy cooking even better with the microwave oven. It makes my life easier. πŸ™‚ This actually started my passion in cooking. Until now, I am still convincing my Dad to use our microwave oven so he can have less time in cooking. Again, he’s refusing even I am serving him the food I cooked. πŸ™‚

When me and my husband got our own place, we started getting our own things too. I initially scouted for microwave ovens. I wanted to get the right and best for me. I stumbled on a very elegant silver and really a space saver design. It was the Fujidenzo FM-20 GX Microwave Oven. I literally fell inlove with it. πŸ™‚ It has a volume of 20-liters, grill function, 3 levels of combination cooking, defrost function, 5 power levels, a 30-minute timer and end of cooking signal. Perfect!Β 

As I was being assisted by the store staff, I realized Fujidenzo has a very promising line up of microwave ovens. Here are the others:Β 

  • At 25 liters, the classy, electric Fujidenzo FM-25 SSMicrowave Oven boasts of a stainless steel body and cavity, a grill function with 2 levels of combination cooking, defrost function, and end-of-cooking signal.
  • The 20-liter, silver-framed, ultra-modern black-bodied FM-20 B operates with a defrost function, 5 power levels, a 30-minute timer, and end-of-cooking signal. Β The FM-20 B is also designed as a space saver with its compact dimensions.
  • Finally, the 20-liter, classic polished white SM-20 SW sports a defrost function, 5 power levels, a 30-minute timer, and end-of-cooking signal.

Another things that’s one of the unique selling points of Fujidenzo microwave ovens is that they are all equipped with the Smart Wave System. A technology that focuses microwave energy directly on to the food for faster cooking and defrosting than with traditional microwave ovens. This also ensures even cooking and helps to eliminate cold spots and overcooked edges.

With Fujidenzo microwave oven, I was able to complete the round up for my kitchen. Now I will have something to help me in my married life. From popcorn snacks to instant microwave dinners, my microwave heating will all be in a snap. Perfect!

So when it comes to microwave ovens, the kitchen appliance you shouldn’t live without, make it Fujidenzo: the brand that values quality above all.

12 thoughts on “Make Kitchen Life Easier With Fujidenzo Microwave Ovens

  1. Koko says:

    microwaves are great inventions but i prefer the traditional way of cooking. but for times when you have little time on your hands to spare… these are really helpful


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